The Noble Collection x Minecraft Launch

The Noble Collection is delighted to have celebrated the launch of its brand new range of Minecraft collector replicas, marking the company’s very first video game licensing partnership.

Recently launched simultaneously at New York Comic Con and The Noble Collection’s global flagship store in London’s Covent Garden, these Minecraft Collector Replicas were created to imagine what your favourite in-game objects might look like brought to life. Merging the blocky, pixelated aesthetic with textures inspired by wood, stone and precious minerals create a unique aesthetic that’s reminiscent of the game to add to your collection and display in your home. It’s Minecraft taken to the next level—bringing your blocks and virtually crafted creations to reality.

Potion Bottle Illuminating Collector Replica

This touch-activated potion bottle brings to life some of the most useful concoctions from Minecraft! Simply tap to cycle through five colors:

💙 Blue for Night Vision
❤️ Red for Healing
💚 Green for Poison
💛 Yellow for Fire Resistance
💜 Purple for Regeneration

Recreating the blocky aesthetic of the game, the potion bottle is also stoppered with real cork. No brewing stand required!

Torch Illuminating Collector Replica

A Minecraft Torch… IRL?! This touch-activated torch imagines what this iconic game tool would like look in the real world—and you can wall mount it!

Textures inspired by wood on the torch’s handle and its warm, flickering glow will make you feel right at home and keep those hostile mobs at bay.

Minecraft Chess Set

The strategic world of chess and the online world of Minecraft collide into an epic game for players from noobs to grandmasters. Play as the friendly Overworld characters or take the side of the dark hostile mobs—which will you choose?

The 18″ square chess board features a wood-like frame around a playing surface of ‘‘grass’ in textured shades of green, surrounded by Minecraft logos in a metallic finish, suitable for the game of kings (and Steves). This set includes 32 game pieces with textures and finishes that resemble marbled stone, obsidian, redstone or emerald. Like most things in Minecraft, some assembly is required! The board arrives as four interlocking quadrants which can be easily disassembled for more convenient storage.

Diamond Ore Illuminating Collector Replica

Diamond ore with no mining necessary?!  We’ve got you covered. This ore may not drop actual gemstones, but it truly shines; the touch-activated LED features two touch-activated light modes, steady blue light & a gentle pulse.

Redstone Ore Illuminating Collector Replica

You won’t need to travel deep underground to bring this redstone ore home with you. Let this touch-sensitive, illuminating block of redstone ore light up your space. No mining necessary! ⛏

Diamond Sword Collector Replica

Choose your weapon. Add this coveted diamond sword replica to your inventory with zero crafting or mining required!

The sword’s antique finish coupled with the cast-iron texture and the faux leather look makes this collector replica feel like it’s straight from the Overworld. Measuring 20″ long by 10″ wide at the hilt, it’s a true statement piece to add to your collection.

This epic replica sword comes with a 2-in-1 wall mount/display stand, so you can choose how to display your prized diamond tool!

Explore the world of Minecraft with us in a whole new way…